From his home base in Africa since 2005, Brendan Bannon,, has expressed fervent devotion to the humanitarian plight of his subjects through the art of photojournalism, a talent inspired in him by his father Anthony and by his mother who processed film at home in a makeshift darkroom. During his twenties, Brendan cared for his mother who became afflicted with multiple sclerosis, an experience he credits with informing his approach to photography.

“I don’t shy away from difficult stories. The experience of taking care of my mother showed me clearly that behind every moment of perceived suffering there is profound victory over circumstances. I look at people’s lives as being full of meaningful relationships, striving against the odds, achieving small victories.”

Brendan’s work in Kenya, South Sudan, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Tanzania, Congo and India has appeared in The New York Times, leading magazines and newspapers in Britain and the Christian Science Monitor. To occasionally catch his breath, he maintains a home stateside in upstate New York. 

(Used by permission of the artist, Brendan Bannon)